Here’s a photo from way back in 1962 when I was a young fella of 24 years.  These were my very first hounds, Rock and Boots.  Rock, on the left, was a good coon, bobcat, and gray fox dog; but he wanted nothing whatever to do with a bear.  Boots, the blue tick on the right, had never been hunted on anything but coons when I got him as a young hound, but he eventually became a good bear dog.  If there is such a thing as a hound being to cold nosed, Boots was it.  “Cold nosed” refers to a hounds ability to smell and work a cold track.  Boots could be called extremely cold nosed.  What is the point of a hound being able to work a 3 day old bear track, if the bear could already be in the next county?  I had to be careful of the tracks I put him on.